Fashionista was a fledgling online magazine in 2010. They hired a designer to create a website for them in January & were less than pleased with the results. They ended up with a very boring, obvious template that didn’t suit the dynamic & exciting feel of the content. They hired us later that year to remodel their site with a fresh new look more suited to a fashion magazine.




The client allowed us free reign, asking only that the final look would appeal to their demographic & make them stand out from the crowd. Our design team obliged, changing the look from baby blue & white to lush jewel tones with splashes of hot pink. Our brilliant graphic artists created a new banner with an edgy, post-punk look along with a custom logo & favicon we lovingly refer to as “The F Bomb”:


The client was delighted with their new look & immediately began drawing more traffic to their website. They had us design custom stationary, labels, folders & business cards for their entire staff. We worked with them closely & maintained their site until it was sold to new owners in 2012.


Fashionista Card

Custom cards - front.

Fashionista card 2

Back of card.

Fashionista Letterhead


Fashionista Letterhead


Fashionista mug