Desert Grove

Desert Grove was our first client back in 2009. At that time it was small Public Relations company ready for rebranding into an elegant boutique firm. The previous look of the business was all pastels with a desert theme. It was soft, feminine & a bit sleepy for the client’s taste. After a one on one meeting with the client, Founding Partner Arinna Michele came up with a lush, tropical theme based on the painting Oasis in the Desert, By Antal Ligeti:


Oasis Painting


The idea was to create the feel of an opulent desert caravan of the era of Lawrence of Arabia. Our design team took this concept and ran with it, creating a whole new look for Desert Grove’s custom site. Everything from the wallpaper to the brand new banner was hand made by our talented in-house staff.






We also wrote new copy for each page of the site, found captivating images & quotes & wrote their brand new tagline: “Our Passion is You.” The client was so thrilled with the final product they immediately commissioned us to create matching business cards, letterhead & brochures. They also referred us to several other clients & have been a great source of business for us over the years.


DG Card

Business Cards - Front

DG card2

Backside of cards

DG Letterhead